I have a Biostar M7NCG-400 mainboard with an onboard ALC-655-AC97 audio chip. The board is based on the NVIDIA nForce2 chipset.

I started off with the bundled nForce2 unified driver on the CD that came with the mainboard. But I can barely hear the audio coming off the speakers. Even with max volume - the audio is extremely faint.

I then downloaded the latest Forceware drivers from NVIDIA's website but still the same.

Then I installed the latest WDM driver from the Realtek website, but still the same.

I borrowed a PCI soundcard (yamaha YMF Series) from my friend and put it on - the audio was perfect. Crystal clear and loud as hell.

Is there something wrong with the onboard soundchip? All other onboard systems like Video and LAN are working fine on my mainboard. Any answers?