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Thread: Sony DVD Crash

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    Sony DVD Crash

    i have a Sony DVD s360 that worked fine 1 day and the next day it it won't read any DVD or cd. It just reads no disc. Am i shafted?.. what happened?.. I paid $200 - 2 years ago... I just don't have other problems with AV gear like this. HELP!

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    I've got an S-360 as well. Mine appears to have the same symptoms you describe, of which just started a couple weeks ago.

    Just curious... have you found a fix?

    I found this website

    The problem this guy encounters sort of makes sense to me, considering that I ran the crap out of my DVD player a couple weeks before Xmas. (had to play Christmas Vacation 24 hrs. non-stop for a few days)

    MAYBE this guy is onto something as it may apply to the S-360. Wish I would have found this earlier...would have had time to mess with this thing again.

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