• 12-16-2003, 11:12 PM
    Rega Planet 2000 to Musical Fidelity a308?
    I'm thinking of upgrading my Rega to a MuFi A308 CD player. Would it be worth the extra $2000? Does the A308 really sound like the NuVista it's based upon? I listen to Classical, mainly the Romantic and Contemporary periods and I'm looking for a little bit more transparency in complex passages. My system: Rega Planet 2000, MuFi A308 integrated amp, Vandersteen 3a Sigs, Cardas Neutral Reference interconnects and Bi-wired speaker cables.
  • 01-10-2004, 12:54 AM
    You might want to consider the full blown AH! NJOE TJOEB 4000.
    Stereophile gave it a good recent review. The folks on this web site like it too!
    It has a tube output stage (very musical) and 24/192 upsampling.
    It costs around $1000.00 with all the upgrades.
    It is a giant killer!