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    PS Audio Digital Link III or the DAC in my B&K Ref 50?

    Hey all,

    I have been using my PS Audio Dac for decoding my 2 channel stuff (from there going into my B&K unit's DIRECT input via balanced cables). All sounds great.

    However, when wanting to play Dolby Digital content from my PC I have been having to pull the coax spdif cable out of the PS unit and plug it into the B&K unit which decodes DD. Not that this is a big deal but it got me to thinking....

    Since both DACs (the PS Audio and the DAC built into the B&K unit) will decode a PCM stream up to 24/192 is there any advantage with using either DAC in terms of sound quality for 2 channel music? I realize that my ears are the ones here to do the testing but I wanted to tap into the collective experience, knowledge and opinions of my fellow ARers.

    Could it be that the $2,000 B&K Preamp has a DAC which is as good as the $800 PS Audio unit? I can't find info on what DAC hardware the B&K unit uses to make a comparison.

    Any knowledge or opinions you can share will be much appreciated!


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    Honestly it depends on your opinion on which one sounds better in 2 channel. I have a Digi link 3 and love it and think It sounds better than many Dacs out there but it does not decode multichannel home theater which the B&K does so it comes into play which one sounds better to you and if the sound quality difference is worth switching cables every time you want 2 channel or multi channel. I know the digi link is a good dac and I personally have not Heard your B&K piece so i can not judge on that but I know it would be a pain to have to switch in between to do your theater or two channel listening. I would think the Digi link would sound better for 2 channel but how much I can not tell you and if it is worth the trouble is up to you.

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