• 06-02-2008, 01:48 AM
    The New Arcam FMJ CD 37 SACD player
    Hi guys,

    Arcam has taken out its latest CD P as part of its FMJ range but la behold it also does SACD ..


    Has any of you folks manged to have sneak listen in ?? im in the lookout for a CDP upgrade which also shuold have SACD.... this is really exciting...

  • 06-02-2008, 06:32 AM
    Looks like some serious marketing hype in the Technical Description but probably a great player. Folks around here have been touting the Marantz 8000 series as a good CDP/SACD player.
  • 06-02-2008, 08:33 PM
    Well i did manage to hear the Arcam Cd192.. and was blown away by the sheer musicality and detail the player belts out. If Arcam standards are anythign to go by.. thsi should be one heck of a player. I also happned to audition the Marantz SA-15S1 ( I might have the model incorrectly written ) SACD .. was not too impressed. Arcam blew it out of the water IMO. Cant say about the SA 8001 though. Not heard it yet.
  • 01-05-2010, 03:49 PM
    So, um...the pic....Is this Arcam's trade-in? Might be a prob with the ol' WAF, y' know....
  • 01-05-2010, 04:17 PM
    Mr Peabody
    I haven't heard that model but I've heard several Arcam CD players and they've been excellent. I don't think Marantz is in their league.

    I've only had a problem with one piece of Arcam gear, a 3 channel power amp. My dealer shipped it off, out of warranty, it was back in a reasonable time and ran great. It had a power supply issue.

    Jeremy, that is really an extreme issue. If it was my piece I'd have an attorney by now. Especially, if UPS says they never picked it up and the shop can't prove it, they would owe you a new player.
  • 01-05-2010, 04:24 PM
    Mr Peabody
    Jeremy, in your post you stated "I have" an FMJ 37 then go on to explain your experience in which you say you never received the unit back. So do you have, or you had, a FMJ37?
  • 01-05-2010, 08:07 PM
    Chapter Rules
    Auricauricle- Just having fun, a night out on the town clubbing in Denver lol. Mr Peabody- I still have not received back my player from the repair center, they claim they sent it out 12/28/2009, and UPS has no record of having ever picked it up. Also the repair center only insured it for $300.00 instead on the $2300.00 retail value even if it can be proven that UPS did pick it up.
  • 01-06-2010, 05:40 PM
    Chapter Rules
    They finally found the CD 37 player today at the repair center, now maybe they will do something to resolve the other issues.
  • 01-06-2010, 06:11 PM
    Mr Peabody
    Interesting how it just turns up after they try to tell you it was shipped.
  • 01-07-2010, 08:36 AM
    Chapter Rules
    Yeah it turned up alright, at the repair center LOL. They say it left on the 5th of January now, and it is actually insured for $2300.00 supposedly. Hopefully it shows up today as it should, and hopefully they do something to correct the other issues.