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    Logitech Z-5500e vs G51

    I'm getting a new XPS 1530 laptop with an ExpressCard Sound Blaster X-FiŽ Xtreme Audio Sound Card. I'd like some shiny new speakers to be waiting for it when the package shows up at my door, and I'm considering possibly the Logitech Z-5500e or the G51. I'm a student on a relatively tight budget, and $150 (the approximate cost of both these speakers) is about the max I want to spend. I'm no audiophile, but I'd like to get as much out of my speakers as possible. Should I go for one of these or are they both crap? I'd like a 2.1, 3.1 or 5.1 setup, with a reasonably powerful subwoofer.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The z-5500's aren't crap in my opinion. I bought mine about four years ago, and chances are I'll never buy another set of 5.1 computer speakers. They're connected to a SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card. In Dobly Pro-2 mode, the imaging is excellent!

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