• 11-15-2003, 03:16 PM
    HDTV Receiver Installation
    In the market for a HDTV 34". I want to use the antenna I have in the attic for over the air HDTV reception. I am approx. 23 miles from transmitter.

    Thinking about going to E-Bay and getting one of the Samsung HDTV receivers you can pick up for approx. $220.00.
    My question is, the DVI connection, is this the best way to hook it up or is the componet okay? I am not sure if all the HDTV receivers have DVI connection, specialley for this price.

    Do the lines from the HDTV receiver go direct to TV or do they go into my receiver? Currently I have Dish Satallite receiver, non HDTV, with their PVR and I pulling in 5.1 DD on HBO when available.

    I not sure on hooking up this total package as described above. Would appreciate any help on this instalation.

  • 11-15-2003, 04:08 PM
    instead of buying the samsung why not just upgrade your dishnetwork equipment to an HD capable receiver, connect your attic antenna to it for OTA HD, run video to the display and audio to your receiver. i don't know if Dishnetwork HD receivers have a DVI-D connect but definitely use it if its' there