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    Finalized DVD+R only plays on player that recorded it

    I got a Go Video R6740 and once a DVD+R is finalized, it will play back beautifully on the Go Video unit. However, when I attempt to play the disc on any other DVD player, it will not load. I've tried Memorex, Maxell, and Imation - same results. The DVD+RW blanks will play on my other players but I don't want to be restricted to those as they're more expensive. Go Video's support is crap from what I've experienced so far. Anyone got a clue what might be going on with the DVD+R problem? As of this moment, the unit is gonna get returned for a refund.

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    You would probably have better luck with a unit that records DVD-R.

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    DVD+R is a tricky format . . not every DVD player can take it . . .

    Like the previous psoter said, with DVD-R you'll have better luck

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