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    Experiences with the new marantz dv4300?

    Has anybody recently bought a marantz dv4300 dvd-player? I'd like to know what your opinion about the product is. Is it good or does it disappoint you?

    In view of a future puchase.


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    I just posted a reply to another guy asking about Marantz players... funny.

    I have had the DV4300 in my system for a little over a year and I am very happy with it. It has a great sharp, colorful image (with progressive material) as well as a good menu system witch allows for a lot of customization.

    One thing that bothers the hell out of me is this: when you pause the player and then start it up again the audio takes about 2 seconds to come back. This could be my reciever though.

    If your DVDs have large horizontal scratches the player will screw up. I have actually had a few incidences with rental movies where the movie would stutter between chapter change sequences, and that bugged me.

    The audio for movies is outstanding. Put on disc 2 of LOTOR: Fellowship, put it on DTS 6.1, turn up the volume and go to chapter 8. It has respectable 2 channel sound as well although I only use it for MP3's now as I have a dedicated CD player.

    All in all, it is a fantastic player for a cheap price.

    If I were you and you can bear to wait and save a little more money, look at the 8300 or 8400. The preformance difference between these 2 units is very noticable, plus you get DVD-A as well as SACD with the 8300/8400. And... if you move up to a budget in this price range, there are a lot of other brands that make really nice players as well. Denon for example has a new universal plaer that sounds pretty awsome.

    I hope this has helped you.


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