Hi guys & girls,
Hope all is well.
Hopefully video & computer gurus can help. I'm not too familiar as to how DVD upscaling works, but it has intrigued me. The ATI 9600 in my laptop allows a resolution of up to 1050 by 1600 (approx ) pixels (which I am using, as it looks best). That's pretty good IMO, as it's 3+ years old. I use WMP 11 to play DVDs. I've noticed that even in full screen mode, it's not completely full screen. However, when using power DVD, I dont have this 'problem', but the picture doesn't seem to be as good. Aside the full screen issue, do these softwares apply upscaling? Or do they simply 'demultiply' the image size? Are there softwares which use upscaling that I could use?