• 01-07-2004, 11:34 PM
    DVD:Toshiba SD-5109 vs. Pioneer DV563a-S
    (this was originally posted in the H/T section..)

    I have had my Toshiba SD-5109 for about 3 years. Having seen my dad's new cheapie Toshiba 4900, I got curious, did some research, and decided to try a new DVD player for grins.
    I selected the Pioneer DV-563, due to all the press and reviews. I do not have a progressive scan monitor yet, (but I'm planning on a Samsung DLP); just a Toshiba 36 CRT w/ component video.

    First thing I noticed was that during X-Men 2, (the only disc I've tried on it so far)...there is NO layer change delay. WOO-HOO. The Toshiba was slow, and seems to have gotten worse over the last 3 years. I threw in a few other discs that I am well familiar with, (T2, Gladiator, Monsters, Inc) just for a few minutes each, and either my eyes are playing tricks or, the video seems much more vivid, and more '3-D' on the Pioneer. Very noticeably.

    Unlike some reviews, my 563 has no negative bass management issues in H/T. Works splendid.

    Considering the Tosh. 5109 retailed for $1k in year 2000, and the Pioneer 563 retails for under $200, I am really scratching my head over this one...is it me, or has 3 years of technology gotten better, AND more inexpensive? :confused:

    I will do some a/b tests tomorrow.

    In the meantime, anybody want to chip in thier thoughts, please?

    I wonder what 500+ bucks can get me nowdays....(not that I want to spend it, but hey....)

    The reason I'm soliciting feedback, is I have 30 days to take this thing back.

    Thanks everyone!