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    Wink DVD Changers

    I'm looking to upgrade my Sony DVD changer to something that's "upscaling" with an HDMI connection. Does anyone no of a model that has on-screen interface that shows what movies are in what disc locations? I'm getting forgetful in my old age! Maybe I just need to go to a single disc player... Any help is greatly appreciated...

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    Just my opinion and maybe I'm more of a purist but in general, DVD and CD changers are just not as dependable long term due to the continuous shifting of the carousel and disc alignment. If you go to a single drawer player, I believe you'll be happier in the long run. Spend your hard earned money on a better single drawer player (Marantz, Rotel, NAD)You'll work with one movie or CD at a time. When you're done, take it out and store it. You'll always know what's in the machine. You'll love the higher audio and video performances from these brands.

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