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    Question DAC-For Dell Laptop-->Audioengine A5 Set Up?Help Appreciated

    Hi Fellow members..

    Really hope you can help with some simple advice,Re inexpensive DAC for my Dell Studio (32 bit) laptop which feeds a pair of Audioengine A5 active speakers.I currently use the Behringer UCA-202 Interface-USB in RCA output

    This was suggested on another forum to improve the signal from the Laptop(I was using a cheap headphone out jack to audio in on A5s.).
    Sorry if i do not get the terminology right

    I am using some very good RCA cables maybe a touch to good for this simple set up..but these were purchased with something else in mind?

    I was wondering about adding a DAC in place of the Behringer UCA-202 Interface and some suggestions as to inexpensive but well thought of DACs appreciated..also best method of connecting to my laptop?if Behringer UCA-202 Interface is felt not to be suitable with DAC

    I am aware that the likes of FUBAR & NU-FORCE are well thought of and well priced

    really hope you can help...

    all the best Steve
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