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    Hi, I'm the new guy here

    Hi everyone. I'm Craig from Germantown, MD. I prefer analog. My system is mostly vintage. I have a Thorens TD-160 turntable with the stock TP-16 arm. I would love to upgrade the arm. I'm using AR 3a speakers with modern tweeters & modern crossovers done by Dennis Murphy. My preamp is a Perreaux SA2 with the TS2 tape dubbing & phono selector. I'm using a Teac 3340 open reel & a Nakamichi 600 cassette. For years, I've been using a dynaco ST-150 & that's being replaced by an Odyssey Khartgo amp that should be comin in any day now.

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    Welcome to AR. You don't see too many still using reel-to-reel any more.

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