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Thread: Hi, from Howard

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    Hi, from Howard

    Hello, from Howard in South Jersey

    I arrived at your site while searching for a cure for my ailing Sansui G-8000. I purchased it back in 1978 (a close-out model from 1977), and have never put any money or special attention into it. The problem is that I hear "crackling" noises intermitantly, and when I change volume, tone or function settings. Does my Sansui need a cleaning? Can an amateur
    open up the unit and perform the necessary operations needed to remedy this annoying malfunction?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Welcome to AR!
    The problem you described has all the markings of a typical dirty volume control. There is a product called DeOxit that is available online or at a pretty hefty price ($20 for a small amount) at most Radio Shacks. Remove the cover to you Sansui and carefully spray behind the volume knob and other control function knobs or buttons. You should turn the knobs a bit while spraying. This should solve your problem but make sure you wait the proscribed amount of time before powering your unit back up.

    If DeOxit is not available the same procedure can be performed using ordinary Electric Contact Cleaner. I have used QD Contact Cleaner available at Home Depot several times with great results and did not damage anything. If the unit has not been cleaned in a while you want to also get a can of compressed are and blow out any dust that may have built up in the unit.

    Which ever product you use DeOxit or contact cleaner you need to make sure you stay away from the tuner fins/section. This area can usually be identified quickly as the area where when turning your tuner knob you see a part rotating as you turn the knob. They are usually located near the tuner wheel located on the right but it varies.

    The Sansui G-8000 is a nice piece of vintage gear and you should have no problem cleaning it up. good luck and let us know how it comes out.

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    thekid has it covered. Time for cleaning pots.
    d HC b

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