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    Hello-New Member

    Hi I'm new here, any advice on how to get the most out of this site would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hello hat2flat, it is nice to see new people around here!

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    Like most other sites, the best way is to explore and learn your way around!

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    How to get the most........
    * I'm always right
    * Back me up at all times
    * Constant praise is good
    Oh, not quite what you were looking for......

    It really depends on what you want. The review section is very good, people like you and me reviewing products they've used. And, obviously, people like you and me have to be taken with a grain of salt or look at other equipment used. I look for trends. And things like if some one gave an amp 5 stars but only has used a receiver before, well, that person may not have the knowledge to say how that amp would stack up against other amps.

    You are welcome to post threads with comments or questions. Many here are capable of offering our experience in form of advice or just to carry on the conversation. Have a thick skin and don't be discouraged, some of us forget our manners sometimes. So welcome and have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hat2flat
    Hi I'm new here, any advice on how to get the most out of this site would be greatly appreciated.

    Welome hat2flat
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