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    What's the best way to hide the cables for my surround sound speakers?

    I've got a simple surround sound setup in my living room with 2 rear speakers. Right now I have 2 lame cables strewn across my carpet in the middle of the room between the tv and the back of my couch. What's the best way to get these things out of the way? Is there a wireless solution? Should I just put the wires up along the corners of the room? Under the carpet? Any other ideas? Thanks!

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    I'm sure that you'll get a few suggestions here. When we bought our house, we put plastic conduits along the wall right over the baseboard trim and then ran all our wires through the conduits. This way we have easy access to the cables (versus running them under carpet) but they are well hidden and out of the way. We painted the baseboard and conduits white and you barely notice them.

    Here are some examples of type of conduit we used. Cable Management - Home Electronics - Electrical*at The Home Depot

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