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    What cables are necessary for new system

    Hi all,
    Just finished buying a new system. Now I need to find the appropriate cables to connect it all. I know you can go to extremes in this area, but I would prefer to stay middle of the road but quality. Following is a list of equipment:

    TV - Sony KP-53V90 -
    DVD - LG or buy new one
    Direct tv box - Hughes Tru-surround box Can get new ones if needed.
    Amp - B&K 200.7 series 2
    Pre-amp - B&K ref 50 series 2
    Speakers: Von Schweikert
    1 pair VR4jr's
    1 LCR-15 Full-range Center
    1 pair TS-150 Surround Speakers
    1 VR-S/1 Powered Subwoofer

    I need to do this right the first time because I live in mexico, and getting the products here is a royal pain, so if you could help me put together a comprehesive list of necessary cables I would be greatful. I also believe it would be a good investment to buy some sort of power conditioner for this system.

    After doing some poking around in various forums, it appears as though I need to buy some more equipment. New DVD Player, New CD player (or is there a great combo unit. I think it seems silly to spend as much as I have on a system, and be using crap. I better do this now while my wife is kind of oblivious to how much is being spent. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE.
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    I'll Be more specific.

    I am going to try to ask better questions here, but please excuse my lack of knowledge in this arena.

    Speakers -
    I have seen banana plugs, Spade connectors, Screw connectors. I believe the Von Schweikert speakers have 5 way binding posts. Which of these is the most preferred method?

    The VR4jr's seem to have two or three different ways to connect them. With the B&K 200.7 amp, what would be the best solution.

    The VRS/1 sub also seems to have multiple connections. What would be the best option for the B&K ref 50.

    Pre-amp to amp:
    I plan to use the balanced XLR inputs for this. Am I correct these need to be male to female, and are there any special considerations I should make when picking the cables to use?

    DVD to Pre-Amp - I am going to buy the Denon 3910, I am very confused about all the possible ways to connect this. HELP

    DVD to TV
    My TV seems to have component video. Does this go directly from the dvd player to the tv or does it go through the pre-amp first? I don't even know if that makes sense. SORRY VERY CONFUSED.

    Direct TV to SYSTEM - Does this still connect to the tv?

    Does anybody just want to come to Cabo San Lucas in February and set this up. I'll supply a kick butt house, all the food and drinks.

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