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    Too much bass...

    Since I have moved to a new house, I have too much bass at higher volumes. It's like the ultra lows roll over.
    I already closed the ports at the back with the foam plugs and the speakers have spikes.
    Recently a friend of mine brought his Silltech interconnects and his Silltech speaker cables and the bass was much and much cleaner, even at a very high volume. Altogether, he paid over $800 for these cables and that is way over my budget. Can anyone recommend cables that are known to handle too much bass for an affordable price?
    Jack (The Netherlands)

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    you could try Nordost...

    Kimber cable is quite affordable for speakercables too, and try nordost IC's or Siltechs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackwalker
    Since I have moved to a new house, I have too much bass at higher volumes. It's like the ultra lows roll over.
    While I'm not a "all cables sound alike / wire is wire" guy, the problem lies with the room. Cables are not going to selectively correct the often roller coaster effect of some rooms. In my HT system, I use an EQ on a pair of powered subs. There are two broad peaks centered around 60 hz and 120 hz (with corresponding valleys in between) that measure up to 8 db. Indeed those untreated peaks disguised what first octave bass there was.

    I would experiment with speaker placement and elevation and consider investing in bass traps or other treatments for the space.


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    Speaker placement in a room is very important. George Cardas has this advice:

    Part of his placement is reproduced here:

    Speaker placement, simply stated
    The distance from the center of the woofer face to the side walls is:
    Room Width times .276 (RW x .276)
    The distance from the center of the woofer face to the wall behind the speaker is:
    Room Width times .447 (RW x .447)
    This is all you need to know to place speakers in a symmetrical, rectangular room!

    Start with this before you buy cables.

    If you do decide to buy cables, my advice is concentrate on clarity, not tonal balance. See or and save a little money. Used Cable has a lending service (not free) but it may save you buying the wrong cable. Many people on this forum really seem to like
    for reasonable cost cables.

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