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    Review of Aural Symphonics Chronos Interconnects and Hybrid v3 Speaker Cables

    What do you cable freaks think of this review/product?

    Chronos interconnect (per pair) $1195/1m, $1570/1.5m, $1945/2m, $2320/2.5m, $2695/3m

    Hybrid v3 speaker cable (bi-wire) $2200/1.5m, $2800/2m, $3400/2.5m, $4000/3m

    $4000 for 3m? Phew!

    You think the "The Hybrid v3 speaker cables are very good at providing delicacy at the upper end and warmth and body in the midrange, while reproducing deep bass with both weight and speed. " could be noticed on a $2,000 speaker set up? That would sure be something right, $4000 in speaker wire and $1000 speakers, and $1000 in amp/pre/cd player. Wonder if you'd even be able to tell a diff between that and monoprice on a system like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by atomicAdam
    What do you cable freaks think of this review/product?
    For that kind of change, I'd like to know its LCR characteristics. That can be useful information for some kinds of speakers. It should have a very low DC.


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