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    Plugging a new Cat5e cable into WRT54GS v1 seems to break it

    The cable is a Cat5e UTP 350mhz patch cable I just got to hook up another computer to my linksys wrt54gs version 1 router and when I do so it seems to screw up the router. I was connecting and using the internet fine before I connected this cable to the router. When I plug it in, the active connection lights on the front of the router indicate that they are connected but nothing seems to go through it. When I disconnect the new cable from the router I am able to connect to the internet fine (this is how I am posting this now).

    I also noticed that the connection indicator light is still on even though I took the cable out. It was port #2 on the back of my router and even though the cable is no longer plugged in, it is green. I tried powering off my cable modem and the router both for a few minuets before reconnecting them but the problem still persists, and the light is still on even though it has no cable connected to that port.

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    The type (CAT5e) of cable shouldn't make any difference, the pinout should be the same. It's possible the cable is defective and caused the port to go bad. A bad port on a switch or router is not unusual. I wouldn't plug it into another port. It could have wires crossed or shorted. Take it back where you got it. They may have a cable tester to check it. Home Depot, Lowes, or Radio Shack may have a tester also to check or you can purchase. If bad, you maybe able to have them replace your router.

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