well I hope everyone is not sick of hearing about Pangea but I just hooked up 2 new 14se to my cc/surround amp and processor.

I used Apocalypse Now as my test bluray, and it seems like the surrounds are much better now, but not quite as noticeable improvement with the cc. For the first time I realized the copter sound in the opening scene goes completely around 360 degrees with the copter out of the picture until the sound is right in front the screen then the copter moves from left to right. So that is one example of an improvement and I have watched this movie many times.

However my flashlight battery ran out of juice just when I made the switch over so it took 10-15 min to make the cable change. but frankly it it too much work to unplug and then try it again and then get my wife and kid to listen and get them to do a double blind test for me.

But for $70 each from AA I will have them for the next 20 years so I am satisfied.