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    Need some advice on cables and other things...

    I had an old home theater system that was with me for 6 years. I recently got the bug and got a pair of B&W 705s. Just one pair at first b/c I wanted to make sure I liked them and was about to slowly build by new system. We now I'm totally hooked b/c I love these speakers. The original plan was to use the 705s as mains and get smaller speakers like 602s for the surrounds. But I'm wondering if maybe I should grab a pair of 703s for mains, and use my current 705s for surrounds. I saw on ebay that a few 803s and 802s are up for auction and they look so tempting. Would anyone know if mixing 800s and 700s be a good or bad thing?
    So my question for this forum is what kind of speaker cable would be good to hide along the baseboard? Along with the 705s, I also got a 10 foot pair of Acoustic Zen Epochs. These things are massive. I can barely bend them to get in the stands for the 705s. Is it possible to have a very thin and hideable speaker cable to run along baseboards that will still perform great? Drilling holes in the walls and running the huge cables does not sound appealing.

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    Need some advice on cables and other things....

    The Flexygy 6 from River Cables might be what you are looking for.

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    If the BWs have the same tweeter configuration you should be Kool and the Gang.
    As for the speaker cable,see if Gecco still does their flat cable;stuff can be painted,papered over and sound pretty good

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