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    Monster v. Kimber, honestly...

    Considering new speaker cables and I want bi-wire capability for my mains (Infinity Alpha 50's) and was wondering since I can get low end Kimbers for around the same dough as some higher end Monsters, what do you think would be the way to go. I figure I can get all of Monster's technology v. only Kimber's entry level technology, you know?

    Thanks for any input...

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    It is oh so system dependant, Also you need to take into account what musical presentation you prefer.
    I have had very good experiences with Kimber. I think they are just that bit more quality orientated and Ray Kimber knows a thing or two. But ultimatly it's your ears!

    Have fun

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    Kimber Kable with its woven cable design is very easy to bi wire. Kimber 4VS will still give you the variable strands of their better calbes but not the teflon insulation. Another cable to consider is the Audioquest line. Most of their cables bi wire easily. They are available from and they will terminate them for you at a savings over factory terminated cables. They also carry the Kimbers.
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