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    Monster M1000i cables - again

    Not too long ago, I posted a thread stating how delighted I was with a set of Monster M1000i cables used to connect my SACD player to my preamp. Just recently, I ordered an 8' pair to connect my preamp to my power amp, and am even more pleased with the results.

    I may be mistaken, but I seem to remember these cables being a lot more expensive than they are today. $150 for a set of 8' interconnects is pretty cheap for something that makes such a dramatic difference. I don't for a minute buy into Monster's hype that the three different thickness of wire used in these cables separately conduct highs, mids and lows, but I will strongly attest to each and every one of their claims as to the improvement in performance these cables offer.

    I've used a series of different interconnects from my preamp to my amp in the past: two from Audioquest, and one from a German company, Benchmark Audio, who is not the company we know of today. The most expensive of those three was the Audioquest "Opal" cable, but I found very few differences between the three. That's not so with the Monster M100I, however: the improvement is that noticeable.

    Dahlquist DQ-10's are famous for their almost magical imaging, but now that imaging has reached all new levels with remarkable pinpoint precision. Upon playing the sixth movement of Brahms" "Ein Deutches Requiem" on an SACD of the piece conducted by Charles Levine and the BSO, I was stunned at how impressive the entrance of the chorus was with it appearing clearly and distinctly above and behind the orchestra!

    While not everything sounds dramatically better, nothing sounds worse. My records sound better too (as they should, since the analog source goes through these cables), but the sound from my SACD player, especially when playing well recorded SACD's, tops everything.

    I paid close to $100 for the Achromat turntable mat almost two years ago, and heard a decided difference. That difference though wasn't anywhere near as great as the difference these cables - at only $150 - have made. I can't recommend them highly enough!

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    I paid $30 on ebay for a pair of m1000i's and m950i's. They are well made and do a good job. List price was over $120 a pair for the m1000i's.
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    That's quite a deal! I paid $120 for my M1000i 4 footers, which I would guess is what you have.

    I know that Audioquest "Coral" IC's are a lot newer than the Opal ones I used to use, and I can't speak personally for them, one way or another. Still, my overall experience with Audioquest products has been less than stellar, especially that with their "Crystal" speaker cable.

    I'd be curious as to whether you've been able to switch around your Audioquest Coral cables with the Monster M1000i's, and if you did, what did you notice? When I replaced the Crystal speaker cables with the far less expensive Monster Z-Series cables, I noticed a world of a difference - all in favor of the Z-Series products - and also found the Z-Series far easier to work with than the super-stiff, and infexible Crystal cables.

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