Merlin Chopin MK2

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  • 01-27-2009, 11:37 AM
    audio amateur
    Merlin Chopin MK2
    Hi folks,
    I haven't given birth to a thread in a while and I thought it would be worth while to point this out:
    I've just ordered a pair of Merlin Cables 'Chopin mark II' to go between my Fubar usb DAC and my Trends amplifier. So far I've been using some fairly cheap interconnects I bought from Radioshack a while ago, and so far they have served me well.
    However, they are a little long for my current needs and I figured I could do with an uprade.
    A few reasons I chose this one: looks, reviews on the cables and company, and sales price. I managed to get it at a very decent price. I get a 30 day trial too. They're said to be hand made, whatever that means... (if you see what I mean).
    Anyway I'm looking forward to hooking up these suckers and having a few comparative listens. I'll keep you in check! and maybe picture too:3:

    I had a pleasant conversation with the folks there. Merlin Cable is based in England.