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    Angry Looking for Replacement Control Cable for Nakamichi SoundSpace8

    I recently moved and, before setting up all my equipment, stupidly gave away to the Salvation Army what I thought was an obsolete mini-DIN 8 Macintosh cable (which immediately was trashed), only to discover that I had disposed of the control cable for my SoundSpace8, without which this $500 audio system is completely unusable. This is where the nightmare began. Nakamichi's website is 100% useless, giving numbers for repair centers, some of which do not exist and none of which has the part in question. I purchased a mini-DIN 8 from an online retailer, but Nakamichi's design prevents the insertion of a generic mini-DIN 8: Only their own proprietary cable will negotiate both the main control unit and the subwoofer control unit. Even more upsetting than regret at my rashness in disposing of a cable before I was completely moved in is the absolute contempt that Nakamichi has for its U.S. customers, providing exactly zero customer service and providing non-existent phone numbers (e.g., 949-863-9157, listed just one year ago on the back of the SS8 manual as that of Nakamichi Technology Corp., is now a real estate outfit) in its documentation and on its website. I am amazed that they still have any customers since word should have been out by now that they are of no help whatsoever--and to such an extreme degree that it almost seems intentional.

    In any case, I am still seeking a replacement cable for the SS8 so that I can at least listen to the Nakamichi device that I purchased, even if it is the last Nakamichi item that I will ever have owned. If anyone schooled in repair of Nakamichi happens to have a spare control cable, please let me know. Thanks.

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    hi stefano, were you able to find a relacement cable... i' in the same sh..... as you.
    please reply, thanks a lot

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