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    The high end shops in my area always told me to use coaxial digital over Toslink whenever possible. I've never tried to see if there is any difference and had to use Toslink because that's all Denon had on the 1600 DVD player I have. I do use coaxial on my CD to DAC. There again the DAC only accepts coaxial. Well, I take that back my DAC only accepts XLR or BNC, I had to get a BNC to RCA adaptor. I think Toslink is better on longer stretches. But it was my understanding that coaxial is the better way to transfer digital. Why, I have no idea. I know if I use coaxial on anything else, the WBT, or locking ends, is the way to go. On coaxial I had some problems occationally and I found it was from the connection loosening. Once I went to a cable with the WBT, no more problems. The Toslink clicks in and I've not had any problems with it.

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    Musicoverall:Toslink? I'm curious what the theory is behind that vs coax. I use a coax digital interconnect because the toslink connectors were so flimsy I was afraid they lose contact. I heard no sonic differences between ANY 2 digital cables I tried.

    Not sue it was one of those guys, but in that thread there was opinions on the flexibility
    of the toslink cable, and how fragile it is, verses the build quality of a decent optical
    cable. For me, when I upgraded, the old digital toslink lens was compleatly burned,
    which being a rookie, surprised me. It was a very cheap cable, that may have been
    the problem, but if my source units have a choice, I personnally will use optical
    from now on. Like you said, I can't tell a difference either way.

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    For the longest time I was using the Optical cables b/c I heard that they were better than Coaxial. I never tested them side by side, but just thought it was common knowledge that the optical would perform better. However, after numerous changes to my system over the years I grew tired of just how delicate the optical cable was. So I decided to do an A/B comparison with a Dig. Coax and an Optical of equal price-range. The difference: no immediate difference, althought the Optical seemed a tad faster with the processing, but that's hardly a concern after the first millisecond of listening begins. I then upgraded to a Tara Labs Dig. Coax that blew away all the optical cables that I had in A/B tests. I have thus stayed with the Dig. Coax since then.

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