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    How about we categorize exotic cables as ...

    ... what they actually are: blatant scams and ripoffs! With the degree of blatancy in direct correlation to the extravagance of the pricetag.

    Now let the accusations of deafness commence to begin -

    I plan to live forever ..... so far, so good!
    Steven Wright

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    If people are foolish enough to throw their money away on products that don't do anything, why shouldn't other people give them the illusions they are looking for that make them feel good? Oh, I forgot about the law. Minor technicality. We can work around that. And ethics? What world are you living in?

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    So far, the ULTIMATE cable ripoff I have seen in the world is here:

    How does $20,000 or $30,000 for a pair of cables grab you?

    Kind of shatters normal time/space reality doesn't it?

    I still can't believe people spend that kind of money on wire.

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