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    HDMI to DVI-D, does cable quality matter? how much is too much and where to look?

    Hello all....

    My current situation is that I am in the market for a HDMI-DVI-D cable to connect my 34" Sony TV to my HD Cable box (currently connected via component along with Xbox however want to use component to connect DVD player)...

    All of the local retail outlets only stock the $119-$159 monster gold plated HDMI/DVI-D cables however that price makes my wallet want to run away.

    The few recommended net dealers have various cables ranging from $40-90 (Bluejeans was around $60 with being around $90 and a few others at the 40-50 range)

    and then finally there is and youdoitelectronics (fifteen min from my work) which sell this low cost HDMI/DVI-D cable for under $30

    My question is, what is the difference in the quality of these cables from an image/performance standpoint. Will I notice the difference between the 30 - 90 cable? or no....


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    75 have a BAFO 3 METER HDMI to DVI for $29.99, this is perfect.

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