• 08-26-2005, 01:52 AM
    DVI-D to DVI-A / I Cable Advice
    Please help!!

    I have just bought a Hitachi 32LD7200 32" LCD TV and i'm overjoyed with it. I have it all connected up and working fine.

    I thought I would connect the LCD to my computer as it has a HDMI and a DVI-D [::::::::-] socket. My PC has a the usual connections at the back. VGA, S-Video and what I think is a DVI-A [:::::::: :-:] socket (It has the numerous single pins, the flat horizontal pin with four individual pins around it). My problem is which cable to buy?

    I bought a DVI-I cable (Digital and Analogue I think?) but this would not go into the LCD as it didn't have the 4 pin slots around the flat cable.

    Can anybody help me as no so called 'experts' in shops seem to know!

    Thanks in advance