• 02-24-2005, 05:36 PM
    DVI Bargain - Thought you might wanna know!
    Sam's Club sells Phillips interconnects now. I picked up a 6' DVI cable for $12.63 + tx.
    Just got home and haven't tried it yet. But it's a heck of a deal - and if it does nothing for ya, just take it back. :)

    [Edit] Ok, I hooked up the DVI, and spent a few minutes watching CBS through my Comcast/Motorola 6200 STB. I don't have many HD channels at my disposal - Comcast has my programming messed up.

    I can't say I noticed a better picture, as of yet. One thing to consider here is that when I swith video inputs back and forth, the picture is slighty different because both of those inputs are not calibrated the same. I need to make some tweaks and do more comparisons. I thought it would be slightly crisper staying in the digital realm instead of going digital-analog from the box to back to digital once in the tv. Oh well.

    Anyone else experimented?