Since i'm greek i'd ask you to excuse my mistakes. So here is my problem, or, let me put it another way,here is my story: In 1997 that i used to own Monitor Audio speakers
(monitor 14 mk2) i decided to change my current speaker cables (van den hul the clearwater) to better ones (cable talk 3.1) which i still own, in bi-wired mode this time.
The change in sound was clear and possitive as the sound became easiest on the ear and fuller -more impressive in frequency extremes- as well. Despite my reservations about cables, i'll never dispute the obvious difference that even the mostly unfamiliar non-audiophile friend could notice.
Now i own an Electrocompaniet eci-4, ATC scm12 (amplifier, speakers respectively) and a Cyrus cd8 as source. The sound is rich and quite realistic at the same time but it lacks some treble aggressiveness -the information is there but somehow the treble seems recessed- as though what removed Monitor Audios' treble glare in 1997 works negatively in case of ATC's. In a few words, treble seems rolled off too soon.
Suprisingly my ATC dealer denies any contribution of the specific cables as he considers them pretty adequate...
So what could be the reason? Is the speakers' character responsible or is it the cables exclusively? Any advice would be really appreciated.Thank you in advance!