Composite Video over CAT5

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  • 12-15-2003, 09:57 PM
    Component Video over CAT5
    I have situation where it would be highly beneficial if I could run component video over cat5 cable. My Progressive Scan DVD player is in a remote rack. I need to interconnect over about 25'. The patch panel behind the equipment rack has only 2 locations left :( I'd like to avoid tearing everything up and be able to use a single connector to get to the patch panel behind the montior.

    A CAT5 solution would be great, so I looked at these:


    at $35 x 6 (89 x 2) it's looking like I shoud just bite the bullet and tear the
    wall up again to add another box/patch locations.

    Can anyone here tell me if they have made their own conversions like the one above and what would be in the electronics if I were to make my own adapters?

    I have run s-video interconnects by simply straight wiring between punch down S-Video connectors like these:

    These worked fine, and are supposed to be good up to 60', so consequently I wonder why I would need anything special to build a component video cable set. Would I be able to just wire straight through physical connections for a distance of only 25' ?

    I did find this excellent resource since my original post:

    So I guess I'd just like to know if anyone has built there own solution using balun -> RJ48 ->CAT5/6 _> RJ48 -> balun