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    Question Cheap subwoofer cable

    My brother needs about 50 feet of subwoofer cable for his Boston Acoustics 975 subs on his speakers. He had about 20 feet of Monster 200 and there was much ill defined ,boomy bass. The speakers were moved and now without a cable run ,the bass is weak.We would like to stay under $100. I'm looking at Belkin, Dayton, Sonicwave, and some other Monster cable. Any words of wisdom? Thanks.

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    Blue Jeans Cable (online).. $64.75 for 50ft BJC LC-1 Subwoofer Cable. This is a high quality cable, and very cost effective. Your brother-in-law may also want to experiment with speaker placement, the room will have a tremendous effect on sound quality, especially as this is a side-firing subwoofer built into the speaker.

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    Thumbs up Thank you ,elapsed

    Checked their site, then noticed the next entry on HDMI, that also deals with BJC. I'll take a shot at 'em,and report back.

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