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    Cables do make a difference in bass quality. Speakers are linear induction motors and the cables have to provide current to the speaker to both place the cone in motion and to stop the motion. The speaker coil produces electromotive force (emf) and counterelectromotive force(cemf). The cable has to provide both ways of current between the amp and speakers. Shotgunning a second cable will improve the damping factor and cone control providing better bass. Thanks for letting me stick my 2cents in.
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    I'm with RL and some of the others, the cable selection will not change the bass. As you go further into the bass frequencies, the room dimensions progressively take over as the most important factor in determining what you hear. The boundary effects created by the room will boost and reinforce the low frequencies, and this effect increases in amplitude and frequency as the room dimensions get smaller. Nothing magical about this effect, it's just physics at work.

    If you want better bass, invest your money in some decent measuring tools like a SPL meter and test tones, or RTA software. The best improvement in the bass can often occur by just repositioning the speakers relative to the seating position, and doing in-room response measurements can help guide you in that process. Other things to look into would include room treatments, which generally produce far more audible and measureable benefit than upgrading the cables, particularly in the bass.

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    ...of the differening schools of thought re: bi-wiring, tri-wiring, shotgunning, rum-running or any other wiring scheme yet devised...and further, disregarding the issue of bass "quality", since the initial inquiry seemed to have more to do with QUANTITY of bass, as I stated earlier(to which Woochifer concurred) wiring will not provide more than what the electronics and transducers(within their environment) are capable of providing. Some may upset the balance and therefore affect certain perceptions, but that's about it.

    Since damping factor is a property of the amplifiers abilities, isn't it pretty much a fixed parameter and if that is so, how might one "improve" the design specs?...Halving the resistance, increasing the capacitance and changing the equivalent wire gauge MAY indeed allow for "better" cone control, but until someone can back up the variety of such anecdotal claims for sonic superiority of one wiring scheme over another, with some sort of hard evidence, I think the jury is still out.

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