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    Cable curious, single for bi-wire

    Reading on another forum about single wire vs bi-wire reminded me of the first time I hooked up the MoFi OML1's with single wire and the metal jumpers. One of the suggestions and I cannot remember who to contribute this idea to but they suggested not upgrading the jumpers but plugging the positive/red wire to the positive high frequency speaker terminal and the negative/black wire to the negative low frequency terminal with the standard jumpers in place.

    Too much snow and boredom and I decided to try it. I brought the OML1's out for the experiment. I chose theses speakers since I first noticed a more audible difference between single wire and bi-wire. When first single wired using both wires to the low frequency terminal I noticed a soundstage that narrowed in the upper frequencies. An odd effect.

    Listening to the speakers single wired in the new configuration I noticed non of the negative effects I experienced previously. Actually the sound was quite good. I am back to using the Rocket 44 internally bi-wired cables since I already own them.

    If anyone buys speakers that are bi-wired and only have single wire cables I would suggest they use the positive right/high frequency hookup and the negative left/low frequency hookup. I did not hear a need for internally bi-wire cables or upgraded jumpers. Of course I am going to try this with other speakers I own.

    I am also curious regarding the difference between my single wire Rocket 33's and internally bi-wired Rocket 44's. The bi-wire 44's of course have half the wire going to the upper frequencies and half to the lower frequencies. The 33's have all their wire going to the speakers. I am wondering if the different gauges will be noticeable. Of course the weather is finally warming up and the snow is melting so it may be awhile.
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    I applaud your ingenuity in trying that but I guess that would work although I am at a loss to explain why there would be an audible difference.

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