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    Buce Brisson's DIY Cables

    I'm just curious but has anyone here tried DIY cables offered by Bruce Brisson?

    The design and concept is based on the MIT Multi-Pole, but of course he is founder of the MIT. Perhaps he (not MIT) still owns the patent to the "Technology". I'm not sure.


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    I looked into them. I decided that the technical claims made no sense. It could be that he is trying to protect his patent and that's the reason for inadequate technical explanations. I've sometimes been tempted to buy a pair to take apart and see just what's in them.
    I've heard that the MIT cables are pretty much identical to the Brisson DIY jobs. They do have one thing in common that I'm certain of. They're both way overpriced.
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    What I'd like to know is what goes on in that little box. Is that just hocus-pocus or is there something being accomplished by those "GK modules"?

    P.S. I've been A/B-ing some Tributaries Series 7 cables against my best, and they actually sound very good, perhaps even better, although I can't tell for sure. But the fact that they do as well, is impressive. I have some Series 9 on order and we'll see if they are even better. What I can say about Tributaries is that their cables are very well constructed, have good soldering, and make solid contact with their sockets.

    Never tried MIT, although if those little boxes add or subtract anything, I'm of the opinion that that is not a good thing. And yes, MITs are a bit more than I'm willing to spend on cables.

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