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    bi wiring with kimber kable

    at the moment for my 2 front speakers i have a run of kimber 8tc internaly biwired. i run from the speaker a section of my reciever 8blue (for the positive) split into 5 blue into the low freq post and 3 blue into the high freq post on the back of the speaker. Same for the negative ( 5black into the low freq and 3 black into the high freq)
    My question , would i be better off running all 8 blue and 8 black into the low freq and run another length of kimber 4vs straight into the high freq ? or just leaving it the way it is?

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    Leave your cable as it is. The 8TC has better insulation and is a heavier guage cable. I would question how your system would sound going to a lesser cable for the highs. An interesting note in the instructions for my bi-wired speakers is they suggest having the same guage for highs and lows. In that instance you might want to try four and four but if your speaker cables are terminated with spades or bananas I doubt if it would be worth the trouble. If they are bare wires at the speaker I would try it.

    Some people do use different cables for highs and lows. Some use a silver cable for highs and copper for lows to take advantage of the metals strengths. Always use the best cable for high frequencies IMHO.
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    no. the 4VS is not as good as the 8TC, the 8TC is much faster, which causes the biggest problem. it will cause audible phase differences.

    you could run another 4TC for the highs, but I don't see it making a big difference though...

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    so would i be better off runing 2 sets of 8tc cables per speaker or a run of 8tc for low freq and 4tc for high?

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    This is the kind of question best answered by listening. Virtually every system and every speaker will react differently to your question.

    Borrow a second pair of 8 TC, bi-wire with it and listen. If you hear an improvement the only decision left is, does the improvement merit the cost? If there is no change you're done, if there is a change, more tests involving different combinations of wires could be considered.

    My personal experience is that heavier gauges of good wire sound subjectively better. Better dynamics, less congestion and more clarity. The difference is small, but if you want all your system can deliver the added cost might be worth it to you.

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