I recently purchased a pair of flx slip 14/4 from Future shop and have run them in for over 50 hours.

Before that, I used to use a pair of cheap, thin Audio-Technica OFC speaker cables I purchased from an electronic shop's hifi department, which cost me about 10USD (one pair of 2 meters). I used them as a temporary. So the Audioquest cables are a few times more expensive than my previous ones. Based on price difference and the raving reviews from people on various forums , esp the recommendations from WHAT HIFI, I went for it without the slightest doubt.

Arriving in my place from UK Future shop, at first use, I noticed immediate improvement in detail, imaging and stage was improved. Yet, the sound was dull, lifeless, the dynamic is gone! So I thought maybe they just need some time to run in. After 50 hours + of running in, they sound pretty much the same- dull, veiled, lifeless, lack of dynamic!

I feel being cheated. Anyone has an experience with Flx Slip please give me advice. Should I go back to my previous cables, though very cheap, sound much more lively and dynamic?


My hifi equipment:

CD player: Kenwood R-k711 CD receiver
Pre amp: Transcendent Sound Grounded Grid
Power amp: Aragon 4004 MkII
Speakers: KEF C30

Interconnects: Audioquest King Cobra