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    Quote Originally Posted by FLZapped
    What measurement technique did you use? I'd like to see your data and set-up.
    "Flawed" listening to familiar music.

    Quote Originally Posted by FLZapped
    As for bass traps, you CAN have too many if their combined effects reach undesireably into the mid-range frequencies.
    Ok, but that takes a bunch depending upon room and trap size. I use 4-16", 4-12"

    Tube Trap placement guidelines

    Naturally, there are similar guidelines on the ASC website, but some might find their recommendations biased.

    Quote Originally Posted by FLZapped
    If someone wants to learn how to properly apply acoustical treaments I would start by reading Everest's book: The Master Handbook of Acoustics" and visit Art Ludwigs site for an example of acoustics done the right way
    Thanks for the tip.

    Quote Originally Posted by FLZapped
    Mass loading? Gee, wouldn't that fall under damping?
    Perhaps it should. I was thinking more of intentionally massive isolation devices.

    Quote Originally Posted by FLZapped
    As for the other methods, one question. How do you isolate the device when it is in the same acousitc environment as your speakers? Placing something on springs may isolate it from a surface, but increase the effects of the acoustic signal, no?
    The objective is to provide selective isolation at single digit frequencies. One can achieve results without moving the device outside the room.


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    Nice to see that after all these years, little to nothing has changed

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    sylmar, ca. in beautiful so cal earthquake country

    hi, EYE

    been a while, i was recently thinking of you. SOME things have radically changed here, dontcha think?

    still got the nordost? isnt that what you had? nordost zipcord? i cheeeeeeped onto some kimber 8tc (15' for $50, still a valid cable according to tas).

    more on topic, i need to kill the echoes in my room. what cables do you recommend for that? JUST KIDDING. gotta get some stuff up on my expansive wall areas.

    and do you recommend laser eye surgery? i am damned tired of having to go get my glasses to read record jackets and instant food packages.

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