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    Tweeter/Midwoofer strengths/weaknesses

    I copied this from my SW manual. It's a pretty good description of the different types of materials used in making speakers. I posted this because of the question below concerning silkdome (softdome) tweeters below

    Soft Dome (fabric)
    Self damping, fairly flat response, natural open sound, non fatiguing
    Can occasionally be a dull sound

    Metal Dome (Aluminum, Titanium, Beryllium)
    Uniform piston action, high resolution sound, good transparency, excellent dispersion,
    Ultrasonic peaks which can cause resonance in sound causing IM distortion, average to poor damping

    Excellent transient response, low distortion
    Generally requires a high frequency crossover or high order crossover


    Excellent self damping, resolution, good detail, flat response, and gradual cone break up
    Less detail than rigid types, medium efficiency, properties may change over time due to wear

    Soft Dome
    Measures well but sound had been challenged
    Limited bandwidth and power handling, side by side rocking

    Excellent imaging, excellent consistency
    Low efficiency, coloration of sound, rapid break up at high levels, some high frequency resonance

    Polypropylene (often combined with fillers such as mica, talc, carbon black, acrylic)
    Flat response, low coloration, good impulse response with good internal damping
    Poor transparency, Doesn’t integrate well with metal

    Rigid-Carbon Fiber
    True piston action, outstanding bass and midrange
    Characteristic double peak region at the top end of the working range that generally requires 2 notch filters to remove

    Good frequency response, smooth roll off, low IM distortion
    Could have a chaotic break up, ringing could be a problem, may require a notch filter

    Rigid Overall
    Best transparency, imaging, depth, high efficiency, high peak levels, low IM distortion
    Some have severe upper end peaking, have chaotic break up, may have a fatiguing sound, may require a notch filter

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    Very useful, thanks Poneal

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