I'm hoping someone might be able to help as I'm no expert.

Our church
has a Peavey XR1600 powered mixer with "Tape Out" RCA connected output on channels 19/20 which I see spec'd at
+10 to -10dBu unbalanced. I want to send that output to a security camera microphone with a 2-wire input. I do not have microphone input specs for the camera other than "Single Channel" balanced input. When I listen to the audio recorded from the camera the sound is extremely faint and distorted.

The microphone input has two leads which I have connected to an RCA connected balun. The balun is connected to an RCA connected cable (which also has a separate connection for and carries power to the camera microphone from the power supply on the other end). The other end of the cable is
- connected to an RCA-to-XLR adapter cable, which is
- connected to a Shure A15LA B(-50DbU) attenuator, which is
- connected to an XLR-to-RCA adapter cable, which is
- connected to the Peavey "Tape Out".

If the microphone input is -40 to -60 dBu and the "Tape Out" is +10 to -10 dBu, would you expect this attenuator to produce an audible signal when recorded by the camera?

Also, is it reasonable to expect the XLR-to-RCA adapters to carry the correct pin-outs for the RCA connections on each end?

Thanks in advance...