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    Subwoofer Replacement for Infinity Kappa 7's

    Just bought a pair of old Infinity Kappa 7's for a song from a co-worker. They need new subwoofers. I was wondering if anyone knew what kind of subs I can swap in for them. Infinity's website is most unhelpful. I would just throw in another infinity 12 but I'm worried about it not sounding correct because of differences in enclosure size/porting etc. I'm somewhat new at this, with just enough knowledge to get myself in real trouble. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks guys.

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    I hope your song was very low cost. If you are planning on replacing the speakers, what you bought are cabinets. To build cabinets to suit the speaker and get the results you want is the least expensive part of a diy subwoofer build . When you are trying to put a speaker in an already built cabinet you have to find a speaker that will suit the parameters of the cabinet. The results may not be what you are looking for.
    In this case, you could see if the manufacture still has that speaker that is in the cabinet now to replace it. This should give you the original sound that it was designed for (hopefully it will be what you want and expect). The other option is find a speaker that is suited for the dimensions of the existing cabinet (internal volume). But I think you would be much more successful if you blocked up any ports and go with a sealed configuration. A sealed subwoofer cabinet is much more forgiving to achieve good results. You could also temorarily block the ports and then unblock them to compare the sound to see what you prefer. You could get lucky and utilize the ports with a new speaker.
    I would look at the Shiva 12". In a sealed configuration the volume of your cabinets will dictate how low the bass will go; generally speaking.
    For me it is much easier, and you can achieve results closer to what you want, by starting from scatch.
    Good luck.

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    If you can still get those from Infinity, it's probably not going to be cheap.(though, that would be the best solution) Those were pretty popular speakers. May be someone out there who could recone them + keep specs close to original. Search for speaker repair / reconing on the web or in your Yellow Pages.

    It's very hard to replace an original driver with something else and get good sound. Especially if you're not ready to make some adjustments to the crossover network.

    I remember some older Infinitys with controls for the mids and highs. If you have those, you may have a pretty good chance of making things work. Would mostly just have to worry about matching the woofer to the box. And roughly matching the impedance of the original.

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