Right now i'm using el cheapo interconnects (not that i need anything else, given the quality of the rest of the system) BUT!!! i'm bored and i wish to experiment. i thought making some interconnects would be cool.
I wanna use silver plated wire (i know it probably is useless, but its just cool) so what's the thickest gauge i can use (keep in mind looks and fun are primary objectives here, not sound quality because i wont be able to appreciate it, but heck, if they are good enough so that i can keep them for when i get a real system, the great!) that will still fit standard RCAs and minijack?
I like how they look braided, however i thought u needed three strands for braiding something? arent there only two wires per channel? how does this go? any instructions GREATLY appreciated. I would need instructions for both RCA to RCA and RCA to minijack
Also, besides a soldering iron, what else will i be needing? are u supposed to use some kind of esoteric solder or will just standard grade do?