It's an Apex 43" rear projection HD TV

The left side of the screen shows excessive red shadows. I went through the convergence alignment process, and when everything is lined up right, it only makes it worse on the left side of the screen, but the right side is fine. I think this happened when I moved, and it took the damage while in transit. I'm assuming it's either the mirror or the red gun alignment, but I know virtually nothing about this stuff other than what I read on the internet.

So now my dilemma is, do I even think about pulling the back off this thing, or is this something that takes special equipment/knowledge?

Degree of difficulty: I live out in the sticks, so if I have to take it some place to get it dealt with, it could get messed up on the trip home, or call a tech rep and have that cost an arm and a leg to come way out here. I paid a $1000 for this thing 4 years ago. Options?