Well this is my first post here and I must say I have enjoyed reading all the info in these forums.

First let me describe my DIY system and what I changes are already in the works. Here is a pic of the system, it is not fully setup but it gives an idea of what I am working with.

Source: MS Xbox, modified. I use XBMC (Xbox Media Center) to play everything ranging from internet audio, CD's, MP3's, DVD's, A/V files... etc. I aquired this Xbox for free because it had been sitting for several years in a friends closet because of a failed modchip install. He new I was good with electronics, so I got it and was able to repair it and do a TSOP flash on it thereby modding the onboard BIOS. A modded Xbox makes a wonderful and cheap multimedia PC.

Amplifier: Pioneer VSX-26TX. I aquired this 3rd or 4th hand because the sound would sometimes work but mostly it did not. I paid nothing for it because of this. I researched it and found out about the dreaded crappy DSP board in these things. No problem, I yanked out the DSP board and use it in Direct Mode, works like a champ now. So basically I have 4x100-watts but have lost the center channel and any DSP functions which sadly includes the digital inputs (my Xbox cable has a digital output). You can see the 120mm fan I installed to cool the amplifier section, I was told the problem was that it overheated... wrong. Oh well.

Speakers: Radioshack Optimus LX-5 bookshelf speakers. I bought these many years ago when Radioshack was getting rid of them for cheap. They sat in storage for many years until recently when I got the Pioneer receiver. I have already opened them up and applied something similar to Dynamat to all the interior walls, stuffed them with polyfill and plugged both ports. I have recently ordered all the parts from Parts Express to build the "Larry Van Wormer" crossovers. I found this info here http://mysite.verizon.net/tammie_eri...od/lx5mod.html. I will use the stock components in the crossovers but will probably upgrade these too later on.

Subwoofer: Klipsch Pro Media 4.1 sub. The amplifier got toasted a few years ago during a lightning storm. This was a complete 4.1 system connected to a computer but now I am only going to use the subwoofer. I cut off the power cord (there was no hope in repairing the built-in amplifier) and wired it to be powered from an external amp. I am using the Pioneer's B/Rear channels to drive the two 6.5" subs. I also put polyfill in the sub box. I found a less than desirable crossover on ebay recently and it should be here soon. It is a Cerwin Vega SB-12 crossover with a 140Hz low pass filter, I paid about $20 including shipping. For now the sub box is full-range (Doesn't sound too bad though).

This setup sounds very nice for what I listen to which is mostly jazz (Dianna Krall), blues, and classical. From what I have read the new LX-5 crossovers should really help the midrange out a good bit. The bass sounds good, I am not trying to shake the walls which is good because I live in an apartment. As you have guessed by now I am on a limited budget (project consists almost entirely of salvaged parts). I need help with speaker arrangment. How high should I build the stands for the LX-5's? I have read that with dipole tweeters you want them a little lower than ear level, is this true? Also, any ideas in general about anything that I should do or have overlooked? Since I had to yank out the DSP board I have no tonal adjustment. Any ideas for a decent/low cost EQ of some sort? Any ideas, suggestions, comments would be greatly appreciated!