Some of us are writing up a multizone/multisource wiring diagram using a HomeTheaterPC to provide the source material for your distributed audio & video, as many folks seem to be interested in it lately.

This is meant to be software agnostic, doesn't matter if it's CQC, xLobby, or whatever. It's just a wiring diagram, and insinuates a hardware list. There's no specific PC hardware [i.e., M-audio Delta 410], just box-level guidance.

Obviously each setup is different, but these are the general parameters.

Option 1) Simple: HDTV in one room, analog audio-only in all others
Option 2) Fancier: HDTV in one room, analog audio/SDTV in all others
Option 3) Fanciest: HDTV in multiple rooms, analog audio in some rooms

This one is for Option 2. Let me know if you think I missed something, or have suggestions on how to make it easier to read.