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    mdf tip

    A guy I know that owns an exotic lumber yard gave me a tip on sealing the edge of mdf. He said if you have a raw edge to water down some wood glue and brush it on the edge. He said it's seals it and is like using about 4 coats of primer. He would use it on roundovers etc... when planning to paint. Oh, he also loved using Bondo on seams in flat areas. I haven't tried it yet but will soon.
    The towers I started are starting to look sweet (in my humble opinion I have'nt put together Roman's crossover yet- guess I'm worried I'll screw it up. I look at the bag of parts every day though!

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    I'll second the Bondo recommendation...some of my early cabinets have an obscene amount of body-fill in them....

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    Bondo, thank you . thank you.

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