• 07-24-2005, 09:14 PM
    Hi-Vi TN28 Tweeter? Experience?
    I'm looking to build myself a pair of two ways for my offfice after my significant other has 'hijacked my prized Alesis monitors. While I haven't decided on all the details (including the option of making them a pair of good PC speakers), I do know how I want them to sound; as 'open' as possible.

    I've put together a couple two-way kits in the past and helped friends with countless other projects. All in all they sounded good, but in the end I can't get over the "boxy" sound of most two way speakers, especially at moderate near-field arrangements.

    I've "heard" the TN28 is a fair compromise to open up the high end a bit because of it's design:


    Swan uses it in their higher end floor standers, but this tells me nothing because I've never heard Swans. Any experience with this driver appreciated, including advice on a 5" or smaller mide woofer to couple it with.
  • 07-25-2005, 05:40 AM
    Try the Hi-Vi juniors from the Parts Express Showcase...

    the TN28 gets a lot of good praise:

    I've only ever owned 1 two-way that ever sounded boxy. I find smaller speakers really open up well...